With PowderBrows, a soft shadow is created behind the existing eyebrows. This is done with a needle that creates small dots (pixels) in the skin with pigment. Because the shadow can have different strengths in color, it is also possible to realize an overflow from light to dark (Ombré). The result? Beautiful soft powdery eyebrows with a made-up look.

We draw the shape of the eyebrows using a compass, so the shape that suits you best. We then show you the form and only after approval (or any corrections) do we start the treatment.

Based on your wishes and our advice, a color is selected that suits you best (and most beautiful).

The 1st treatment takes + - 2.5 hours.
The 2nd treatment takes + - 90 min.

2nd Treatment:
The 2nd treatment takes place + -6 weeks after the 1st treatment.
During the 2nd treatment, we will go over the created pixels to properly confirm the shape and color. The created eyebrows last 1-2 years.

Touch up:
If you want the Powderbrows to remain in the same beautiful condition constantly, you can choose to have it touched up. A new treatment is no longer necessary.

Old PMU:
Have you had Old PMU installed before in the past? Please let us know before you schedule a treatment.

Extra information:

  • Preferably do not drink or use coffee, tea, alcohol and drugs during the half day before the treatment.
  • The treatment does not hurt. The irritation that is sometimes experienced can be compared to plucking the eyebrows.
  • Sports and wearing make-up are possible again10 days after the treatment.
  • After the treatment you can simply continue with your daily planning. The skin around the eyebrows may become a little red during the treatment, but this will disappear after half an hour.